music stool

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Project Description


music stool

In this variant, you build and paint your own full-fledged music stool as a team and take it home as a give away.

Here we could work with inner pictures and, after an introduction to it, let the inner picture be painted as one’s own team. The music stool kits are easy to build together in no time. The kits are manufactured in cooperation with the German handicapped workshop Karl-Schubert Community e.V. from Filderstadt.

Afterwards you learn to play under professional guidance and bring all instruments together in one final.

A drum workshop with its own tune, which remains as a memory in the head.

  • Location: TEO-area or Location of your choice

  • Season: Weather independent 

  • Meals: On request with lunch or dinner

  • Duration: 2-3 hours

  • Location: desired Location

booking request

Individually bookable, depending on the number of people and with individual appointment and your own wishes. We are happy to help.


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