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Project Description


soapbox derby

Two racing teams fight for the soapbox championship title.

Before the race can begin the teams have to design their individual soapbox. The material has to be screwed together out of a few single pieces to build a stable vehicle body.

To earn the material the teams have to play for their budget. The better they play, the more budget they´ll earn to “buy“ material and decoration.

Bevor the race we score the design and the construction of both soapboxes – then the race can begin. The slalom course will be absolved in a single race from the pole position. Race organization will do the time measurement. The winner is the group with the highest overall ranking.

  • Location: TEO-area or Location of your choice.

  • Season: Weather independent

  • Catering: On demand with catering and accommodation.

  • Duration: approx. 3-5 hours

  • Prices:

  • Service: inclusive planning, organization, material, tools, waste  disposal, tent, trainer, etc.

to 10 People 11-25 People 26-75 People
blanket 960 €  95 € p. P.  85 € p. P.
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