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Chain reaction


Chain reaction Make it to your project! Together we create a monumental chain reaction. Each team builds a station made of different materials. The following stations could be part of the project: Construction of a firework Construction of a catapult Construction of a marble track etc. Tools are provided [...]

Drum workshop


Drum workshop Drums have been used for thousands of years in many cultures to unite people on special occasions and engage in dialogue. We let the participants experience for 60 minutes how listening, supporting and innovating together creates a sound (music) result. Everyone hears and sees everyone and each contribution [...]

Climbing as a teambuilding


Climbing as a teambuilding an active team event for movement - obsessed teams Intensive communication and mutual trust between the participants are the focus. A climbing rope works only if both participants pull together, an experience that connects and can be adopted with a positive feeling in the workday. And [...]


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