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Kooperation/Virtuelle Zusammenarbeit
Kooperation/Virtuelle Zusammenarbeit

Cooperation / Virtual Cooperation

Teams, whether virtual or „normal“, are increasingly working spatially separated or at different locations, how can cooperation in virtual collaboration be improved here?

The team members – often with different cultural background – seldom see each other personally, some meet only sporadically, sometimes one only knows each other from the screen and still requires perfect cooperation or virtual collaboration. Even the team leader often has only occasionally personal contact with their team members.

That’s why we want to design a kick-off with you for future virtual collaboration. We will bring to life and illuminate:

  • Who are the people behind the voice and the position?
  • Under what circumstances can collaboration work virtually?
  • How to communicate efficiently and at the same time with little or no personal contact?
  • How do you organize a targeted collaboration?
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TEO & InCompany GmbH
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Tel.: +49 (0)89/97890374