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Verantwortung und Teamdynamik
Verantwortung und Teamdynamik

Responsibility & Team Dynamics

As different as groups may be, in their dynamics they are subject to general laws.

We deal with the recognition and targeted control of group dynamic processes. In this context, we also look at the issue of responsibility, the individual and the responsibility of the company. We want to shed light on the relationship between responsibility and team dynamics and point out their typical causes.

We want to deal with your questions about:

  • want / wish,
  • able to,
  • allowed and
  • have to

Anyone who understands group dynamic phenomena and „disturbances“ can work on them in a tolerable manner in order to quickly restore their joint work ability. In addition, it is important to investigate one’s own actions and personal role in a group-dynamic context, as well as to develop a healthy patience in order to allow time and space for team dynamics.

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