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Project Description

Raft building

Can you make an escape like Robinson Crusoe? The raft building is the challenge.

The materials for raft construction are laid out on the shore of a lake.

The participants have the task to build a raft, which will bring the entire group in a single crossing to the other shore of the lake.

The raft building can also be presented as part of an expedition to explore the other lake shore and its hinterland.


  • 2 hours for the construction and the crossing.
  • It must be designed and built a coat of arms, which must be attached to the crossing of the large.
  • Everyone must have space on the raft.
  • Everyone has to arrive dry on the other shore.

The raft building as a brilliant team event in Munich and the surrounding area.

  • Location: around Munich

  • Season: Weather independent 

  • Duration: 3-4 hours

  • Services include: Conception, planning, organization, billing area, trainer, material, tools, disposal, tent etc.

  • Price: 

to 10 People 11-25 People 26-75 People from 76 People
blanket 950 €  95 € p. P.  88 € p. P.  78 € p. P.
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