New in the team / team fusion

//New in the team / team fusion
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Neu(es) im Team/Teamfusion
Neu(es) im Team/Teamfusion

New in the team / team fusion

Give feedback needs clear rules and structure.

Movements and changes in proven structures can trigger irritations at the level of sensitivity and behavior in the team. Such changes can be:

  • New employees are hired
  • A teammate takes over the team (role change in the team)
  • A colleague (internal recruitment) or an external manager (external recruitment) will take over the team
  • Teams are merged (merger)
  • Restart a department

In order for the old and new team member not to cause disorientation, targeted integration is crucial. Expectations, goals, roles and rules for cooperation have to be redefined. We help you to clarify expectations as well as to find each other quickly on a personal level so that you can once again embark on a successful course together.

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